“The Psychology of Trust: Understanding the Science Behind It”

What exactly is trust? Our all-time favorite google defines TRUST as “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something”. Doesn’t it go above head? I mean isn’t it too complicated/formal meaning? In simple, trust is your believe on someone. You could tell it as a blind belief on them. In simple…

What exactly is trust?

Our all-time favorite google defines TRUST as “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something”. Doesn’t it go above head? I mean isn’t it too complicated/formal meaning? In simple, trust is your believe on someone. You could tell it as a blind belief on them. In simple terms, it could be said as the person you remember when you are distressed or contended. You know you have these people who can stand by you in all storms of life.

So now let’s see why this emotion called ‘trust’ is soo important in one’s life. When you trust someone you feel secured around them. Take a real-life situation, your comfort-level touches the sky when your parents are around you (If you don’t feel so, looks like you never bonded with them well). Trust is a happy pill, don’t you think soo? Being trusted is one of the best feeling! When you know that the person who’s very important to you trusts you whole-heartedly, then you are blessed.

“Don’t trust everything you see, even salt looks like sugar”

Isn’t this beautifully quoted?? A single line can express sea of emotions! You are never expected to trust everyone that enters your life. Not everyone deserves your trust. So I quoted it earlier that being truly trusted is a blessing.

Some of the points to be considered to build trust are:

  • Honesty: being honest in your actions and words
  • Think before you speak: This is something which we have heard from our childhood, and in this scenario this is the most important thing. Think before you speak or make any sort of decisions, because the words once out cannot be taken aback. So consider the situation and need for your statement and then commit to something.
  • Value for relationships: Don’t take anything for granted, not even relationships. Give priority to every relationship, as these are the things that give meaning to your life.
  • Do what you believe is right: Always do what you think is right/what gives you satisfaction. This creates a trust in people, as they know that you always do the right thing.
  • Accept your flaws: Accept your mistakes. Apologizing for your mistakes doesn’t make you small. Instead, it also gives you peace and sound sleep.

Let’s look at some of the best examples relating to trust

  • One of the best example that can be taken is ‘Circus’. Don’t you think so? In a group stunt having trust on your partner is the most important thing, else it might cost your life.
  • Setting up alarm is one of the best example. You trust the Almighty(the creator) that you will wake-up the next day.
  • There are too many examples of trust from the tiniest thing to the complex situations.

Trust in relationship:

I expect you all know that trust is a very important thing in any relationship. Though you share a great bond, but once you lose the trust in your partner, then your relationship is of no meaning. By trust I don’t expect you that you share all your nightmares from past(unless your partner wishes to know them). But it’s necessary to share every thing about your present. Especially something that relates to your relationship. (Sharing other things depends on your partner’s wish). Because, a small misunderstanding can create a great difference. So clearing every doubt is the most needed thing. When you both believe in each other, then no storm of life can separate you, no fake accusations can crack your bond and no fake people would be entertained in your lives.

Building Up Trust

Building trust takes time and effort. Many wonder of how to build trust. But it isn’t a rocket science. Just be natural, don’t fake something. Some of the important things to be noted are:

Never force your partner to have the same perspective as you have

It isn’t necessary that you both have same perspective of life. Every individual have there own ideas about everything in life. So you shouldn’t force your ideas into him/her. If you want your partner to adopt to something, then convince him/her not force onto them. Once you start forcing everything on them, they might start loosing interest in you (unless they understand your concern). And thinking logically, don’t you dislike when something is forced onto you. So try understanding things from there perspective too.

Be honest about things or don’t talk about it

There might be some sensitive things in your life which at the moment you don’t feel like sharing to your partner. Either don’t talk about it, or just be honest by stating the complete incidence. It’s not always necessary that you share all the sensitive issues that might be from a bad past, or some family issues or could be anything for that matter. If your partner wishes to know the thing, just be honest or convince him/her that you will be sharing it when the time is right.

Involve them in your life

Make them feel that they are an important part of your life. Involve them in all phases of life, be it sharing about every little thing or by spending those phases together. You could make an habit of discussing your day with them. You could also discuss your future, your plans and everything you feel necessary(sometimes silly too).

Plan you life together

Though the life is undesirable, you cannot predict the next instance, but planning every little thing together keeps you happy and your bond long-lasting. Plan your future, your trips, your hobbies and everything that makeup your relationship. You can also plan every silly thing you wish to do in your life.

Never judge your partner

No one is born perfect, not even us. We make mistakes, we also make best moments. So never expect your partner to be perfect. There are some talents which you might be missing in, but your partner is best at; and there could be some other things which you could be best at. Never force them to follow your footsteps as they can lay there own. Judging could be in doing some of their task out of their wish, or conversation could also be the reason. No one is perfect at any thing!

By the above talks we now know that trust is a very important thing, be it in a relationship or anywhere for that matter. So trying to maintain trust is the most important thing. Whether it’s friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing. The results might not always be necessary, but the efforts are always fruitful. Your efforts in maintaining trust is the most important thing. Losing trust is like a broken thread/rope. There would always be a presence of knot to get it back to the initial state. You can never make it back to the way it was before. Similarly you can never get back the trust as it was before. You could try millions methods, but there will always be an existence of a knot (in most of the cases).

To sum-up trust should be handled with care as its a very sensitive thing. Trust is a way of life, an important thing to live a peaceful and happy life. So an anonymous writer quoted it well as follows “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved”.

Guys looks like we have spoke alot about trust. Do lemme know your opinions too in the comment section.

Let’s meet up super soon with some other amazing contents.

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