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Exiting offers for best prices.... You Know about that product... "BlueMax Mobile Booster" BlueMax signal booster , boosts voice signal for GSM network operators that are using 900Mhz telecom frequency. The device covers an area of ~2000 sq. feet. This can be extended by using accessories. The model works in wireless manner hence multiple cell phones users, users on different networks and multiple data cards can connect simultaneously. You will see an immediate improvement in mobile signal quality after installing the device. The booster is ideal for home, hotels, restaurant, showroom, mall, shop, factory, farm house, tunnel, office, basement, hilly area etc. We provide standard 15 meters and 5 meters cable sets for outdoor and indoor antennas respectively in the booster set. However if you need a longer cable then please add extended cables into your cart by selecting required additional cable length for outdoor and indoor antenna(s). We will increase the cable length accordingly and you with get complete set with desired cable length. We are India's leading provider of mobile signal booster. Our products are high quality and solve problems... If you want this best offer price... Connect with us... GOJO traders 9994447821
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