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4 CHANNEL AHD MOBILE DVR GOJO TRADERS is a well Established Company in Coimbatore. GOJO TRADERS Deals product portfolio includes Analog camera, AHD Camera, IP camera, PTZ Camera, DVR , NVR , AHD DVR, 4 CHANNEL AHD Mobile DVR & Wireless cameras. 4 CHANNEL MOBILE DVR is used widely in School Buses, Travels , Transport companies. Hospitals , Colleges and all others areas where GPS and CCTV cameras combined with many features. 4 CHANNEL MOBILE DVR is Equipped with Memory card option and Internal SIM Card option to Get continuous LIVE STREAMING. As a leading Solution Provider in IT Industries we have solutions for Various Segments Like CCTV SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM, GPS TRACKING DEVICES, EPABX, IPPBX, CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS, MOBILE BOOSTERS AND MORE……
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